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Contentious Probate Lawyers

Navigating Estate Conflicts with Sensitivity and Expertise: Contentious Probate Services

The loss of a loved one is already a deeply emotional time, which can be further complicated when disputes arise during the administration of their estate. If you are facing issues with how a loved one’s estate is being administered or feel that the Will does not make reasonable financial provision for you, our expert team at 360 Law Services is here to assist you.


We specialise in contentious probate matters, ensuring estates are administered lawfully and fairly, thereby safeguarding your loved one’s legacy.

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    Our Contentious Probate Expertise

    Interpretation of the Will

    Clarifying ambiguous terms and provisions in the Will to ensure it is executed as the deceased intended. 

    Asset Valuation Disputes

    Addressing disagreements over the value of estate assets, from property to personal belongings.

    Executor Mismanagement

    Acting on instances where an executor is not administering the estate in accordance with their legal responsibilities, potentially leading to their removal.

    Beneficiary Disagreements

    Resolving conflicts between beneficiaries, whether they relate to the distribution of assets or other aspects of estate administration.

    Challenges to Estate Division without a Will

    Advocating for fair and lawful distribution of an estate when no valid Will exists, navigating the complexities of intestacy rules.

    International and Multiple Property Estates

    Specialising in estates that span multiple jurisdictions or involve various properties, ensuring cohesive and lawful administration. 

    Trusts and Complex Wealth Structures

    Expertly managing estates that involve intricate trust arrangements or complicated financial structures.

    Rural Estate Challenges

    Navigating the unique issues associated with rural and agricultural estates, from land rights to farming assets.

    Our Contentious Probate Team

    FAQs - Contentious Probate

    What constitutes a valid reason to contest probate?

    Reasons may include believing the Will is not valid, suspecting fraud or undue influence, or concerns about how the executor is administering the estate. 

    How long do I have to contest probate in England and Wales?

    Time limits vary depending on the nature of the claim. For example, Inheritance Act claims should generally be made within six months of the Grant of Probate. It’s critical to consult with a solicitor as soon as possible to avoid missing deadlines.

    Can I contest probate if I am not a beneficiary?

    Generally, you must have a legitimate interest in the estate to contest probate, but specific circumstances can vary. Consulting with a qualified solicitor is essential to explore your options.

    How can I protect the value of the estate during a contentious probate dispute?

    Legal action can be taken to preserve the estate’s assets while the dispute is ongoing. Our team can guide you through temporary measures like injunctions that help safeguard the estate’s value. 

    What can I do if I believe an executor is mismanaging the estate?

    Executors have a legal duty to manage the estate responsibly. If they fail in this duty, legal action, such as their removal and replacement, may be possible. Consult our team for tailored advice.

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