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Employment Lawyers for Employees

Safeguarding Your Employment Rights: Expert Legal Services for Employees in England & Wales

In today’s complex employment landscape, understanding your rights as an employee has never been more crucial. Whether you’re just starting a new job or have been in the workforce for years, you may encounter various challenges that require legal insight. At 360 Law Services, we specialise in helping employees navigate these complexities. We offer a wide array of services covering numerous aspects of employment law, including contract negotiation, workplace disputes, discrimination, harassment, and many more. Our goal is to empower you to take control of your employment situation, armed with the full knowledge and protection of UK law. 


Workplace conditions, employer-employee relations, and even legislative changes can affect your job security and professional well-being. Consequently, it’s essential to have a reliable partner to guide you through the legal intricacies and advocate for your interests when the need arises. Our experienced solicitors are committed to providing timely and effective advice tailored to your specific needs. With 360 Law Services, you can be confident that your employment rights are well-protected. 

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    Our Employment Law Expertise

    Contract Reviews

    Providing comprehensive evaluations of employment contracts, ensuring they meet your needs and are compliant with UK law.

    Dispute Resolution

    Assisting with resolution of issues related to pay disputes, unfair treatment, or contractual disagreements.

    Discrimination & Harassment

    Expert advice on handling workplace discrimination or harassment, and helping you take appropriate legal action.


    Guidance on your rights and entitlements during the redundancy process, including the fairness of your selection and the adequacy of your redundancy pay. 

    Employment Tribunals

    Representing you in employment tribunals to resolve disputes that can’t be solved internally. 

    Flexible & Remote Working

    Understanding the rules and your rights when it comes to flexible and remote working arrangements. 

    Maternity & Paternity Rights

    Offering support and advice regarding maternity and paternity leave, including your rights to pay and return to work. 

    TUPE Transfers

    Explaining your rights when your place of employment changes ownership, and what this means for your contract and conditions.


    Advice on the legal protections in place for those who expose wrongdoing in the workplace. 

    Health & Safety

    Ensuring you understand your employer’s obligations and your rights related to workplace health and safety.

    Our Employment Law Team

    FAQs - Employment Law for Employees

    What should I do if I feel I've been unfairly dismissed?

    Consult a legal expert immediately to review the circumstances and advise on possible courses of action, which may include an employment tribunal. 

    Can my employer change my contract without my consent?

    Generally, no. An employer needs your agreement to alter contractual terms. Refusal could lead to renegotiation or, in some cases, dismissal. 

    What protections are there against workplace discrimination?

    UK law prohibits discrimination based on a range of protected characteristics like age, sex, race, and disability. 

    How does redundancy work?

    If your role is no longer needed, you may be made redundant. You have rights during this process, including the right to a fair selection process and redundancy pay. 

    Can I refuse to work more than a certain number of hours?

    Yes, the UK Working Time Regulations usually cap the workweek at 48 hours, unless an opt-out agreement is signed. 

    What are my rights if I'm pregnant or a new parent?

    You’re entitled to maternity or paternity leave, and you usually have the right to return to your job afterwards. 

    Can I work remotely or have flexible working hours?

    Employers are increasingly open to flexible working arrangements, and you may have the legal right to request this. 

    What is TUPE and how does it affect me?

    TUPE regulations protect your employment terms if your employer changes due to a transfer or sale. 

    What are the risks of whistleblowing?

    Legal protections exist for whistleblowers, but it’s crucial to follow the proper procedure to ensure you’re protected. 

    How can I resolve disputes with my employer?

    Initially, internal procedures should be followed. If no resolution is found, legal advice should be sought, possibly leading to an employment tribunal. 

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