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Navigating the Legal Maze: Robust Employment Law Services for Employers

Navigating UK employment law can be complex for employers, given the ever-changing regulations and wide range of responsibilities. At 360 Law Services, we offer tailored legal advice to fit your unique business needs. Our experienced team blends deep knowledge of employment law with industry expertise to provide comprehensive legal solutions.


We aim to be more than just legal advisors; we’re your strategic partners. Our proactive approach identifies potential legal issues early on, saving you time, reducing costs, and mitigating risks. With us, you can focus on running your business, knowing that all employment-related legal matters are in expert hands.

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    Our Employment Law Expertise

    Contracts & Agreements

    Crafting robust employment contracts, non-compete clauses, and confidentiality agreements that protect your interests.

    Compliance Audits

    Assessing your operations to ensure compliance with labour laws, including health and safety, wage and hour regulations, and employment equality.

    Dispute Resolution

    Expert legal representation in cases of employment disputes, including unfair dismissal claims, discrimination issues, and workplace harassment. 

    Workplace Policies

    Designing and implementing comprehensive HR policies that are legally sound and promote a positive work environment.

    Redundancy & Restructuring

    Advising on the legal aspects of workforce changes, ensuring that you meet your obligations to your employees.

    Employment Tribunals

    Providing strong representation in employment tribunals, minimising risks and costs while advocating for your best interests.

    Training & Development

    Offering in-house training sessions on legal best practices for HR professionals and management teams.

    Immigration Compliance

    Navigating the legal aspects of employing foreign nationals, including visa applications and right-to-work checks.

    Our Employment Law Team

    FAQs - Employment Law

    What is the difference between unfair and wrongful dismissal?

    Unfair dismissal pertains to the reasons for dismissal and whether the employer acted reasonably, while wrongful dismissal is about whether the employer breached the terms of the contract during the dismissal process. 

    How can I ensure my business is compliant with UK employment laws?

    Regular compliance audits and legal consultations can help ensure you are aligned with current laws and regulations. 

    What is the process for making an employee redundant?

    Redundancy must follow a legally mandated procedure including consultation, fair selection, and offering alternative employment when possible. 

    How should I deal with workplace harassment or discrimination claims?

    A formal internal investigation should be your first step, followed by disciplinary action if necessary. Legal advice is strongly recommended at all stages. 

    Can an employee refuse to sign a contract amendment?

    Generally, yes. Changes to an employment contract usually require the agreement of both parties unless a specific flexibility clause exists in the original contract. 

    What are my responsibilities regarding employee data protection?

    Employers must comply with the UK’s data protection laws, which include safeguarding personal data and providing access to it when requested by the employee. 

    Is remote working considered in UK employment law?

    Yes, remote or flexible working arrangements should be outlined in employment contracts and are subject to existing employment laws. 

    What are the minimum wage and working hour regulations in the UK?

    The minimum wage varies depending on age and type of employment. Working hours are generally capped at 48 hours per week unless an opt-out agreement is signed. 

    How do employment tribunals work?

    Employment tribunals are a type of public hearing between an employee and employer when disputes can’t be resolved internally. Legal representation is advised. 

    What should I consider when employing foreign nationals?

    Right-to-work checks and, if applicable, sponsorship under the UK’s points-based immigration system are crucial considerations when employing foreign nationals. 

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