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Private Equity Legal Services

Expertise in Private Equity: Driving Transactions, Delivering Success

In the fast-paced world of private equity, the stakes are high and the complexities manifold. Whether you are a seasoned private equity firm, an institutional investor, or an ambitious start-up seeking growth capital, our experienced team at 360 Law Services is dedicated to guiding you through every phase of the private equity life cycle.


Drawing on our deep industry knowledge, we craft innovative strategies tailored to your unique challenges, ensuring deals are executed seamlessly and your interests are fiercely protected. 

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    Our Private Equity Law Expertise

    Fund Formation and Structuring

    Designing optimal fund structures, ensuring regulatory compliance, and advising on jurisdictional nuances.

    Portfolio Management

    Offering legal strategies for the management and optimization of portfolio companies, including restructuring, refinancing, and exits.

    Transaction Advisory

    Assisting with buyouts, mergers, acquisitions, and other PE transactions, ensuring rigorous due diligence and effective deal negotiation.

    Regulatory and Compliance

    Staying abreast of the constantly evolving regulatory landscape to ensure that your funds and transactions remain compliant.

    Dispute Resolution

    Representing clients in private equity disputes, whether they arise from transaction issues, shareholder matters, or other challenges.

    Capital Raising and Investor Relations

    Guiding businesses through the intricate process of raising capital, ensuring transparency and legal compliance.

    Tax Structuring

    Providing insights on tax-efficient structures and strategies, balancing global considerations with local nuances.

    Exit Strategies

    Crafting and executing exit strategies, whether through trade sales, secondary sales, IPOs, or other avenues, maximizing returns for stakeholders.

    Our Private Equity Legal Team

    FAQs - Private Equity Law

    What distinguishes private equity from venture capital?

    While both provide funding, private equity often involves mature companies and larger investments, while venture capital typically focuses on start-ups and early-stage companies. 

    What is the typical life cycle of a private equity investment?

    While it varies, the standard life cycle involves acquisition, value creation during ownership, and a planned exit, typically spanning 4-7 years.

    How do private equity firms generate returns?

    Returns are typically realized through strategic improvements in the portfolio company, followed by a profitable exit, such as a sale or IPO. 

    How crucial is due diligence in PE transactions?

    Due diligence is fundamental, as it identifies potential risks, evaluates the target’s financial health, and ensures informed investment decisions.

    Are there specific regulations governing private equity?

    Yes, private equity is subject to various regulations, depending on the jurisdiction. Adhering to these regulations is vital for legal compliance and investor trust.

    How do private equity firms value potential investments?

    Various methodologies, including discounted cash flow, comparable company analysis, and precedent transaction analysis, can be employed based on the target’s nature and industry.

    What challenges do private equity firms face in today's market?

    Current challenges may include high valuations, increased competition for quality targets, regulatory scrutiny, and geopolitical uncertainties.

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