David Sinclair

Partner, Information Law

David Sinclair

Partner, Information Law


David is a UK citizen, qualified to practice in England and Wales.


David qualified as a solicitor in 2005. He pursued this path to gain a deeper understanding of the law and to offer better advice and representation to clients.


Originally trained as a mining engineer, David served as a Royal Engineers officer and subsequently held various management/technical roles in the construction industry. Later, he returned to university to earn a BSc. (Hons) in Occupational Health and Safety from Leeds Metropolitan University and then a Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Management from Durham University.


With nearly 20 years of experience spanning construction, the telecoms sector, and community care, David was the first individual in the UK to receive dual solicitor and chartered health and safety practitioner status. Since qualifying as a solicitor, David has been engaged in the construction, health and social care (including a two-year stint in-house at an NHS Foundation Trust), commercial, and charities sectors, and has worked for Europe’s largest insurer.

Practice Areas

David’s interest in digital technology and data protection was piqued following a cyber-attack and personal data theft that critically harmed a client’s business. This led him back to university where he acquired an LLM in Information Law and Practice and subsequently an MSc in Information Security Management.


David’s expertise lies in advising clients on matters of cyber security, data protection, and other facets of information law and management. Furthermore, he represents clients under investigation by entities such as the police, ICO, or other regulators. David is often called upon to aid clients in probing both internal and external cyber-attacks or data breaches, frequently as a member of their computer security incident response team.


Additionally, David is frequently requested to deliver data protection training to boards and senior management teams.


Throughout his professional journey, David has provided counsel and representation to several notable clients under investigation or prosecution by the police, CQC, HSE, ICO, and other regulatory bodies. Notably, he was recently called upon to offer data protection advice as part of the Grenfell fire public inquiry.


Currently, David is gearing up to embark on research for a PhD, focusing on the optimal methods to safeguard personal data processed by Artificial Intelligence.

Practice Areas

  • Data Protection
  • Information Law
  • Regulatory
  • Fire Safety Law
  • Health and Safety
  • Environmental
  • Telecommunications
  • Cyberlaw