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Expert Guidance on Trust Creation, Administration, and Disputes in England & Wales

Trusts are versatile legal structures that can provide financial protection, effective tax planning, and secure future provision for your loved ones. At 360 Law Services, our highly experienced solicitors offer expert guidance, assisting individuals, families, and professionals with all aspects of trusts – from their formation and administration to winding up and addressing any disputes that may arise. 


Whether you’re considering setting up a trust for estate planning, asset protection, or charitable purposes, our team is here to ensure the process is smooth, compliant, and tailored to your objectives. 

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    Our Trusts Expertise

    Trust Formation

    Guiding clients through the complexities of establishing various trusts, including discretionary, life interest, and charitable trusts.

    Trust Administration

    Assisting trustees with their duties, ensuring all registration, legal and tax obligations are met, and providing advice on trust distributions. 

    Tax Implications of Trusts

    Offering advice on the tax considerations of setting up, running and winding up trusts helping to optimise financial benefits and meet HMRC and regulatory requirements. 

    Trust Disputes

    Representing beneficiaries, trustees, or settlors in cases where the terms, administration, or decisions regarding a trust are under contention. 

    Variation of Trusts

    Assisting clients in amending the terms of a trust to better suit evolving needs or circumstances. 

    Protective Trusts

    Advising on the setup and management of trusts designed to safeguard assets from potential future creditors or other risks. 

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    FAQs - Trusts

    What is a trust and why might I consider setting one up?

    A trust is a legal arrangement where assets are held by one or more trustee for the benefit of beneficiaries. Trusts can offer tax benefits, asset protection, and a mechanism to ensure your wishes are carried out. 

    What's the difference between a settlor, trustee, and beneficiary?

    The settlor establishes the trust, the trustee manages it, and the beneficiary benefits from it.

    How are trusts taxed in England & Wales?

    Trusts may be subject to income tax, capital gains tax, and inheritance tax, depending on the type and circumstances. It’s essential to seek advice to understand the tax implications fully as they are subject to a different tax regime from those applicable to individuals or companies.

    Can a trust be changed after it's set up?

    Certain trusts can be varied or changed, but it depends on the trust’s terms and relevant legal provisionsChanges can have legal and tax consequences so specialist advice should always be taken.

    What are the responsibilities of a trustee?

    Trustees must manage the trust assets responsibly, act in the best interests of beneficiaries, and meet various tax and legal obligations. 

    How can I resolve a dispute related to a trust?

    Trust disputes can be complex. It’s advisable to seek legal representation to understand your rights and the best course of action. 

    How can I protect my assets from potential creditors?

    Protective trusts can be set up to shield assets from potential future creditors, but it’s essential to ensure the trust is legally sound and cannot be deemed as fraudulent. 

    What's the difference between a revocable and irrevocable trust?

    A revocable trust can be altered or terminated by the settlor after its creation, while an irrevocable trust cannot be usually be changed unless specific provisions are followed. 

    Can trusts be set up to benefit charities?

    Yes, charitable trusts can be established to benefit specific charities or charitable causes. 

    Can trusts hold property overseas?

    Yes, trusts can hold foreign assets, but they may introduce complexities related to foreign laws and tax implications.

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