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Will, Trust & Estate Disputes

Navigating Complex Waters: Will, Trust & Estate Disputes Resolution

Losing a loved one is an emotional and trying experience. When disputes arise concerning their Will or estate, it exacerbates the ordeal. At 360 Law Services, our skilled legal team specialises in resolving Will, Trust, and Estate disputes under the laws of England and Wales. We understand the complexity and sensitivity involved when the terms of a Will are unexpected, or when disagreements occur among beneficiaries, estate executors or administrators, or trustees.


Our team, experienced in navigating large and complex estates—including those with international assets and rural properties—provides the expertise needed to tackle your case. We coordinate with a network of international lawyers and experts as required, ensuring comprehensive, tactful, and effective representation.

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    Our Will, Trust & Estate Disputes Expertise

    Contesting a Will

    Our solicitors are adept at challenging the validity of a Will, ensuring it was created in line with legal requirements and the true intentions of the deceased. 

    Contentious Probate

    We specialise in resolving disputes over the administration of an estate, securing fair and lawful management of assets. 

    Inheritance Act Claims

    Our team advocates for clients left without adequate provision from a deceased’s estate, guiding the necessary steps to rectify it. 

    Trust Disputes

    We handle cases that involve conflicts between trustees and beneficiaries, including the removal of a trustee when necessary.

    Professional Negligence

    Our experts address issues where a solicitor or Will writer has incorrectly drafted a Will or given negligent advice.

    Challenging Pre-Death Agreements or Lifetime Gifts

    We offer legal support when an individual has wrongfully taken control of a vulnerable person’s finances.

    Defending a Contested Will

    Our team provides exceptional service to executors or beneficiaries who are facing challenges to a Will.

    International Estate Disputes

    Our lawyers, alongside a network of international lawyers, navigate the complexities of estates with assets across multiple jurisdictions.

    Rural Property and Agricultural Estates

    Our experts address the unique challenges presented by rural and agricultural estates, ensuring all property and land assets are managed appropriately.

    Our Will, Trust & Estate Disputes Team

    FAQs - Will, Trust & Estate Disputes

    How can I contest a Will in England and Wales?

    Contesting a Will typically begins with consulting a qualified solicitor. Your solicitor will assess the validity of the Will and the merits of your case. If grounds exist for a challenge, your solicitor will guide you through the legal process, which may involve court proceedings.

    What is Contentious Probate?

    Contentious probate refers to disputes that arise concerning the administration of a deceased person’s estate. This may involve disagreements between beneficiaries, claims against the executors or administrators, or concerns regarding the distribution of assets.

    Under what circumstances can I make an Inheritance Act Claim?

    You may be eligible to make an Inheritance Act claim if you were financially dependent on the deceased and have not been adequately provided for in their Will or by the rules of intestacy.

    How long do I have to contest a Will or make an Inheritance Act Claim in England and Wales?

    Typically, you have six months from the date of the Grant of Probate to make an Inheritance Act claim. To contest a Will, it’s vital to act as soon as possible. Consult a solicitor promptly to ensure you do not miss relevant deadlines.

    What can I do if I suspect financial abuse of a vulnerable relative?

    If you suspect that someone has wrongfully taken control of a vulnerable relative’s finances, it’s important to seek legal advice. Our solicitors can guide you on the best course of action, which may include court proceedings to protect the individual’s assets.

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