Wills & Probate

No matter the size or value of your estate, getting your affairs in order is critical in ensuring your wishes regarding your assets are respected should the worst happen. At 360 Law Services, we can’t tell the future – but we can protect your interests. When you instruct a member of our team, you can guarantee the peace of mind that the decisions you make are supported by the guidance of a legal specialist.

Similarly, speaking to one of our probate lawyers to gain advice and support in the distribution of a loved one’s estate can help to ensure a quick and timely process.

How can we help?

At 360 Law Services, we’re dedicated in helping our clients manage their personal affairs and make well-informed decisions on matters regarding their future and their family. Faced with some significant decisions and a set of underlying legal complexities, our clients come to us for clarity, expert guidance and a helping hand through the process.

Clients from all walks of life benefit from the personalised service from our private client team, not to mention their expertise in a wide range of disciplines within this area of law.

Whether you seek advice and assistance in the creation of your Will, wish to contest the contents of a Will or need a lawyer you can trust to take care of estate administration, you can rely on our team to steer you in the right direction and protect your interests.

We can further assist in drawing up Lasting Powers of Attorney, advise on elderly client affairs and provide guidance on tax, trusts and succession planning. Should you find yourself locked in a dispute regarding the content or validity of a Will, our team will be available for representation and pragmatic advice throughout the process. Whatever your needs, we will endeavour to keep matters as simple and straightforward as possible so as to minimise the stress.

Our Wills and Probate lawyers are industry renowned; they understand the difficult nature of these conversations and will go above and beyond to put you at ease.

For a free consultation with 360 Law Services, get in touch with our team today.