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Employment Dispute & Litigation Lawyers for Business

Navigating Complex Employment Disputes: Expertise You Can Rely On

In a rapidly evolving business landscape, employment disputes are an unfortunate yet unavoidable reality. At 360 Law Services, we understand the legal and reputational risks these disputes pose to employers. That’s why we provide specialised legal advice aimed at resolving conflicts efficiently while safeguarding your reputation.


Our team is experienced in handling a broad range of disputes, from unfair dismissal and wage discrepancies to harassment allegations. Beyond reactive solutions, we offer a preventative approach by helping you draft robust employment contracts and internal policies in line with the latest UK employment laws.


We appreciate the urgency these matters often require, striving to resolve disputes promptly to minimise negative impact. With 360 Law Services, you can be confident that you’re in capable hands, equipped to navigate the complexities of employment law effectively.

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    Our Employment Litigation Expertise

    Unfair Dismissal Cases

    Guidance on mitigating risks and defending claims 

    Discrimination Claims

    Advising on appropriate actions to avoid discrimination cases and how to handle them if they arise

    Redundancy and Restructuring

    Legal frameworks and best practices for conducting redundancies.

    Contractual Issues

    Navigating non-compete clauses, employment contracts, and severance agreements

    Mediation and Arbitration

    Offering alternative dispute resolution methods to avoid costly court proceedings

    Employee Grievances

    Handling internal complaints efficiently to prevent escalation.

    Disciplinary Procedures

    Ensuring fair and legal disciplinary processes

    Workplace Investigations

    Conducting investigations into allegations of misconduct, harassment, or other employment issues

    Our Employment Dispute Resolution Team

    FAQs - Employment Dispute Resolution Services for Employers

    How can I prevent unfair dismissal claims?

    Preventative measures, such as thorough documentation and following legal procedures, can mitigate the risk of unfair dismissal claims. 

    What are the common grounds for discrimination claims?

    Claims often arise from perceived discrimination based on age, sex, race, disability, or religious beliefs. 

    What is the proper process for redundancy?

    Employers must follow statutory consultation periods and selection procedures, offering alternative roles where possible. 

    How enforceable are non-compete clauses?

    The enforceability varies, but generally, they must be reasonable in scope and duration to be upheld in court. 

    What is the role of mediation in dispute resolution?

    Mediation serves as a neutral ground for parties to resolve their issues without resorting to court, often saving time and costs. 

    How should I handle employee grievances?

    Address grievances promptly and fairly, following your company’s grievance procedure to the letter. 

    What should be included in an employment contract?

    Essential elements include the scope of work, remuneration, duration, and termination clauses. 

    How do I conduct a workplace investigation?

    Maintain confidentiality and objectivity, following a pre-determined process that respects the rights of all parties involved. 

    What is the cost implication of an employment dispute?

    Costs can be substantial, involving not just legal fees but also potential reputational damage and loss of productivity. 

    What steps can I take to minimise the risk of employment disputes?

    Proactive HR policies, ongoing staff training, and legal compliance checks can significantly reduce the likelihood of disputes. 

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