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Private Client Legal Services

Dedicated Legal Support for Private Client Law Matters in England & Wales

Navigating personal and sensitive legal matters requires not only expertise but also compassion, discretion, and a tailored approach.


At 360 Law Services, our private client solicitors are dedicated to providing bespoke advice, in plain English, to individuals and families, ensuring your personal interests and assets are protected and your wishes respected. 


From Wills and estate planning to probate, intestacy, trusts and lasting powers of attorney, our team can handle all aspects of private client law and will assist you with each stage with the utmost care, clarity, and professionalism, ensuring your peace of mind. 

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    Our Private Client Expertise

    Wills and Estate Planning

    Offering bespoke advice on drafting Wills and inheritance tax planning for your family’s future financial security. 

    Probate and Estate Administration

    Guiding executors and families through the probate process, ensuring the smooth distribution of assets. 

    Deeds of Variation

    Re-directing assets received by Will or on intestacy to pass assets to another beneficiary, for tax saving or other purposes.


    Assisting with the formation, administration, and advice on all types of trust tailored to your financial goals and family needs.

    Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs)

    Providing guidance on choosing representatives to make decisions on your behalf should you be unable to do so and acting as certificate provider in appropriate circumstances.

    Tax and Wealth Planning

    Offering a bespoke, tailored approach to optimise your tax planning and protect your personal and family wealth.

    Elderly Client Matters

    Providing compassionate guidance on the various issues faced by elderly clients, including care planning and capacity matters. 

    Property and Asset Management

    Advising on property transactions, remortgages, and other asset-related matters to secure your financial interests.

    Our Private Client Team

    FAQs - Private Client Law

    Why is it important to have a Will in place?

    Having a Will ensures that your assets are distributed according to your wishes, providing clarity and avoiding potential disputes amongst beneficiaries. A well drafted Will can also help you reduce your inheritance tax bill and preserve assets for future generations. 

    What is a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) and why might I need one?

    An LPA allows someone (or multiple people) you trust to make decisions on your behalf if you’re unable to. LPAs can cover financial decisions, health, and welfare choices, or both. 

    How can I protect my assets for future generations?

    Trusts, Wills, and tax planning strategies can all help in safeguarding assets for your descendants.

    What does the probate process involve?

    Probate involves validating a deceased person’s Will, assessing the estate’s value, paying any inheritance tax and other debts, and collecting and distributing the remaining assets to beneficiaries as per a Will.

    What is intestacy?

    Intestacy is the process by which your assets will be distributed amongst your relatives if you don’t leave a Will.

    How can I ensure my elderly relatives receive proper care?

    Seeking legal guidance on care planning and exploring options like LPAs and properly drafted Wills can help in ensuring the wellbeing and peace of mind of elderly family members. 

    Are there ways to mitigate inheritance tax?

    Yes, through effective estate planning, including the use of Wills, trusts, lifetime gifts and deeds of variation, one can potentially reduce inheritance tax liabilities.

    How often should I review my Will or estate plan?

    It’s advisable to review these documents every few years or after significant life events like marriages, divorces, or the birth of children.

    How can I secure my overseas assets?

    Through tailored estate planning, Will drafting and trust formation, overseas assets can be managed and protected in line with your wishes.

    Can I make provisions for charitable donations in my estate planning?

    Yes, leaving gifts to charities in your Will can also have beneficial inheritance tax implications.

    What's the difference between a Will and a trust?

    While both are tools for estate planning, a Will outlines how assets should be distributed upon death, whereas a trust holds assets for the benefit of specific individuals and can be set up in your lifetime or by Will.

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