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Setting up your own law firm is an exhilarating endeavor. It’s not just about seeing your name at the forefront, but it’s about sculpting a distinctive brand identity, nurturing a team of proficient Solicitors, accumulating a loyal client base, and fostering a one-of-a-kind organisational ethos. Yet, as a budding legal brand, you may face challenges such as:


  A. Managing the intricate nuances of a regulated business while simultaneously offering top-quality legal advice can be time-consuming.


  B. You might lack the specific operational expertise to ensure full compliance and modernisation.


Why compromise your core strength – legal advisement – when 360 Law Services is here to help?

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Our Offerings at 360 Law Services: an all-inclusive law firm operating solution for legal entrepreneurs

End-to-end Solutions

We equip you with everything necessary to commence and run your legal practice. This ensures you devote your energy primarily to serving your clients with exceptional legal guidance.

Robust Back-Office Support

New law brands, backed by our framework, can trust in having the right skills and tools at their disposal. From compliance to legal cashiering, from SRA audits to handling client finances, we’ve got you covered.

Regulatory Assurance

Leverage our regulated framework and its ancillary services. Our support ensures that you’re always in sync with SRA regulations, empowering you to focus on brand-building, culture, and most importantly, your clientele.

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Why Partner With 360 Law Services?

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Cost and Time Efficiency: Bypass the lengthy application processes, the hassle of securing professional indemnity insurance, or the challenges of procuring the applications and personnel for regulated roles. We handle these, letting you enjoy significant time and cost savings.


Regulatory Safety: With access to an SRA-regulated framework, rest assured of your brand’s compliance. Our commitment to business quality guarantees that you maintain and showcase the highest standards to clients.


Empowered Exit Strategy: If there’s ever a desire to transition out, our “Exit” approach offers a predefined buyout option.

Your Next Step

Don’t just be another cog in the machine. It’s time for you to shine, to be recognised for your experience and knowledge. Move away from the constraints of traditional law firms and embrace a new way of practicing law.

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