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Safeguarding Your Interests: Navigating Complexities in Insurance Law

Insurance is the cornerstone of modern risk management, yet it is often enveloped in legal complexities that can be difficult to understand and even more challenging to navigate. Whether you’re an insurance company, a policyholder, a broker, or an underwriter, understanding the landscape of insurance law is crucial. At 360 Law Services, we have a dedicated team of insurance law solicitors well-versed in both UK and international insurance law to help guide you through these intricate pathways. 


Our services cover a broad range of insurance law issues, from policy drafting and contract reviews to litigation and dispute resolution. We have extensive experience in dealing with matters pertaining to various types of insurance, such as life, property, liability, health, and automotive. Understanding that each type of insurance comes with its unique set of regulations and potential pitfalls, we customise our legal services to cater to the specifics of your needs. 

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    Our Insurance Law Expertise

    Policy Drafting and Review

    Assisting insurers in drafting policies that are legally sound, and helping policyholders understand the terms and conditions of their policies. 

    Claim Handling and Dispute Resolution

    Providing representation and advice in disputes over insurance claims, from initial filing to appeal, if necessary.

    Regulatory Compliance

    Offering guidance on compliance with regulations from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and other regulatory bodies.

    Insurance Fraud Investigations

    Assisting in identifying, investigating, and prosecuting instances of insurance fraud.


    Advising insurers on recovering funds from third parties responsible for causing a loss for which a claim has been paid.


    Assisting with reinsurance agreements, ensuring compliance with relevant laws and treaties.

    Professional Liability

    Representing professionals in liability cases, ensuring proper coverage and compliance with professional standards.

    Our Insurance Lawyers Team

    FAQs - Insurance Law

    What are the key regulatory bodies governing insurance law in the UK?

    The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is the primary regulatory body overseeing insurance law in the UK. 

    What is the process for filing an insurance claim?

    The process varies depending on the type of insurance and specific policy terms, but it typically involves submitting proof of loss, cooperating in investigations, and negotiations or litigation. 

    Can an insurance company deny my claim?

    Yes, claims can be denied based on various reasons such as non-disclosure, misrepresentation, or violation of policy terms. Legal advice is essential in such cases. 

    What is subrogation and why is it important?

    Subrogation allows an insurance company to pursue a third party responsible for a loss to recover the amount of the claim it has paid. 

    What is reinsurance and how does it work?

    Reinsurance involves one insurance company passing certain risks to another company to mitigate losses. It is governed by its own set of legal contracts and regulations. 

    How can I protect myself against insurance fraud?

    Policyholders should always provide accurate information and be cautious of fraudulent schemes, while insurers should implement robust fraud detection mechanisms. 

    What types of professional liability insurance are available?

    These can include errors and omissions insurance, malpractice insurance, and others, depending on the profession and associated risks. 

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