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Construction & Engineering

The key to a successful construction and engineering project is a watertight legal plan.

The construction and engineering sectors are complex and often involve lengthy and bureaucratic processes. Our expert team work closely with a range of clients to support with key documentation, drafting contracts, project financing, bidding, securing critical permits and ensuring compliance. Our services are multi-faceted, helping to support you in all aspects of your project. That’s why we can also advise on employment matters, protecting your precious intellectual property and represent you in any disputes that might arise.

We work with a cross-section of the industry including real estate developers, equipment supplies, contractors, investors and insurers. We always offer a first-class service that is underscored by our solictiors’ substantial expertise. Where necessary we are able to build out a dedicated team that brings in solicitors specialising in property law, planning, procurement and tax matters.

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    Our Expertise

    Construction and engineering contracts, sub-contracts and Joint Ventures

    When it comes to your construction and engineering projects, it pays to have a watertight contract that protects your interests at all costs. Whether you’re embarking on a commercial property development or infrastructure project, our specialist lawyers will help to craft a contract that represents your position and limits risk.

    We can also support you in setting up joint ventures, drawing on our experience in tax, accounting, competition law, compliance and regulation, and management structures.


    Development and Funding

    Real estate development is no simple matter. That’s why working with a team that has the necessary experience in and knowledge of key funding and planning considerations is so important. Our solicitors bring substantial industry experience, and have worked across the construction and property sectors, meaning they’re well equipped to assist you, no matter your circumstances.

    Dispute Resolution

    Resolving disputes as painlessly and quickly as possible is always the ideal outcome. We act for a diverse range of companies from the conduction and engineering sectors to strategise, represent their interests, and secure a solution swiftly. In the first instance, our priority is always to avoid escalation of disputes which is why we also offer mediation and arbitration service. However, if it’s impossible to avoid, we also offer litigation and will work with you to secure the best commercial settlement possible in the circumstances.

    Facilities Management

    If you’re setting up a facilities maintenance arrangement, we’re here to advise and support in the process. We can guide you through the setting up process whether in relation to repair, maintenance, cleaning or catering.

    Framework Agreements

    A robust and watertight framework agreement is key to setting up your supplier relations for success. This document will govern your relationship moving forward and ensure that your business is protected. Our dedicated lawyers will help you to draft your standard document, as well as negotiate favourable terms whilst always ensuring compliance to key regulations and procedural requirements.

    Operations and Maintenance Agreements

    Your Operations and Maintenance agreements can play a key role in determining the success of your infrastructure project. That’s why our specialist team work closely with you to design a framework that properly regulates and monitors the quality of service provided, and robustly governs your relationship with the service provider.

    Performance Bonds and Guarantees

    Banks and insurance firms issue performance bonds that guarantee the completion of your construction project and insure against non-completion. Our dedicated lawyers will help you to secure performance bonds and guarantees, and to draft the necessary legal documents, whilst always supporting you with pragmatic and straightforward advice.

    Professional appointments

    Appointing professional consultants such as structural and mechanical engineers, quantity surveyors, project managers and architects can be stressful. Our specialist team of solicitors works closely with our clients to advise on these key appointments, ensuring that all terms of engagement are properly drafted and robustly outline the terms of the relationship. Whether you need help tailoring your standard form of appointment or need to draft a bespoke contract or letter of appointment, we are here to help. We can also support where you need certificates, third-party agreements, or guidance on matters relating to confidentiality, copyright, consultant’s authority, dispute resolution or more.


    Collateral warranties are key to securing added protection to key stakeholders in your construction project who may otherwise not enjoy the security provided by your other key contracts. We advise our clients on why they might need to consider collateral warranties and how to draft and implement these.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is construction law?

    Construction law deals with matters such as infrastructure, housing, planning permissions and construction and engineering. The key to understanding construction law is that it has two main categories: non-contentious and contentious.


    What is the difference between non-contentions and contentious?

    Non-contentious work involves advice on procurement and negotiating contracts between the partis involved in a construction project. Construction lawyers work with the people who are initiating the project, the people financing it, the architects and the companies doing the actual construction.

    Construction law becomes contentious when something goes wrong and generally related to the settlement of the dispute that may follow.

    Is there more than one contract on a construction project?

    Yes. On a large project there may be dozens of contracts.

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