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Equity Release Lawyers

Unlocking Your Property's Potential: Expert Legal Guidance on Equity Release

As life progresses, you may find yourself in a position where you wish to unlock the financial potential of your property without having to move. Equity release offers an avenue to accomplish just that. However, navigating the intricacies of equity release can be challenging.  


At 360 Law Services, we specialise in providing comprehensive independent legal advice on equity release for private clients. Our team of dedicated experts will guide you through each step, ensuring that you understand the mortgage documents before you sign them. 

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    Our Equity Release Expertise

    Lifetime Mortgages

    Legal advice on the most common form of equity release, enabling you to take out a mortgage on your home while retaining ownership.

    Equity Release Contract Review

    Diligent review of all legal documents to ensure your rights are protected.

    Legal Requirements & Obligations

    Explaining your legal obligations and the lender’s responsibilities, making sure you fully understand the terms.

    Implications for Estate Planning

    Expert advice on how equity release affects your estate, inheritance tax, and eligibility for means-tested benefits.

    Our Equity Release Team

    FAQs - Equity Release Legal Services

    What is equity release?

    Equity release allows you to access the value tied up in your home, either as a lump sum or in smaller, regular amounts.

    Is equity release right for me?

    Equity release is a significant financial decision that depends on various factors like your age, property value, and financial needs. Consultation with your Mortgage Broker is essential so that they can help you choose the right produce for youThe right Legal Advisor is crucial in ensuring that you understand the documents before you sign them.

    What are the risks involved in equity release?

    Risks can include reduced inheritance for your heirs, changes to your tax position, and impacts on your eligibility for means-tested benefits depending on the kind of product your Mortgage Advisor should advise you about before you decide which one is appropriate for you.

    Do I still own my home with an equity release?

    With a lifetime mortgage, you retain ownership. With a home reversion plan, you may sell part or all of your property to the reversion provider. 

    How does equity release affect my spouse or partner?

    If the property is jointly owned, both parties must agree to the equity release If it is in the name of one party, the other will have to seek independent legal advice before the matter can be concluded.

    Do I need legal advice before proceeding with equity release?

    Absolutely. Legal advice is essential to understand the implications, costs, and your rights and responsibilities under the agreement.  However, a Solicitor is normally engaged after your Lender has decided to offer you the equity release productSpeaking to a Solicitor before the process enables you to understand what our role will be in helping you. 

    What is the "no negative equity" guarantee?

    Please speak to your Mortgage Advisor about this as they are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and they are knowledgeable about the products, their pros and cons.

    How does equity release affect my estate and inheritance?

    Equity release reduces the value of your estate, which can affect the inheritance you leave behind. It may also have implications for inheritance tax as it can be used to reduce the tax that will be paid on your estate.

    Can I back out of an equity release plan?

    This question will be answered by your Mortgage Advisor as they are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

    What are the types of equity release schemes available?

    The two main types are Lifetime Mortgages and Home Reversion Plans, each with its own features and requirements.  Please speak to your Mortgage Advisor about the pros and cons of each product before you decide which one is appropriate for you.  

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