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Debt Recovery Lawyers

Managing cash flow is stressful at the best of times. Don’t let chasing unpaid debts slow you down.

Cash flow is the lifeblood of every business, making unpaid debts a significant concern that can strain your ability to pay employees and satisfy creditors. At 360 Law Services, our dedicated team of solicitors understands this urgency. We offer proficient and cost-effective debt recovery services throughout England and Wales, tailored to meet the specific needs and circumstances of our clients, from individuals and SMEs to large corporations.


We firmly believe that engaging a debt recovery lawyer means seeking expert support for a swift and fair resolution, not escalating the situation. We endeavour to recover your debts without resorting to formal legal action, adopting a sensitive and pragmatic approach. Where litigation becomes the only viable option, our experienced dispute resolution team works closely with you to resolve the matter swiftly, adhering to the strict regulations governing debt recovery. Transparent pricing is a cornerstone of our practice, ensuring clarity and peace of mind from the outset.

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    Letter Before Action

    Before resorting to formal legal procedures to recover debt, a Letter Before Action (LBA) formally requests payment and warns of an impending court claim in the case of non-payment. An LBA should outline the amount owed to your business (plus interest and Late Payment Compensation, if relevant), as well as the date that they should have paid the amount due. It should also threaten legal proceedings in the County Court and/or the issuing of a winding up petition should they fail to pay following the LBA.

    In most cases, an LBA is an effective means of extracting payment without having to proceed to court. Instead of wasting your time chasing payments and following up on debtors, leave your debt recovery to our specialist team. We’ll draft your LBA, send it out to relevant parties, and follow up on the payments owed to you.

    County Court Judgement

    If a debtor fails to pay following the issue of an LBA, you will need to seek a County Court Judgement that orders them to pay the money owed to you. Alternatively, the presentation of a winding up petition may be a more effective tool to obtain payment of the sums due to you. Whichever option is taken, our dedicated debt recovery team will guide you through the entire legal process, including  court proceedings, mediation, , negotiation and advocacy. We work to ensure minimal stress and disruption for you and your business, representing your best interests at every stage of the process.

    Statutory Demands and Bankruptcy Petitions

    Utilising statutory demands as a precursor to bankruptcy or winding-up proceedings where appropriate.

    Drafting and Negotiating Settlement Agreements

    Creating clear and effective agreements to secure payment terms that are acceptable to all parties involved.

    Defending Contested Claims

    Skilfully defending against disputes where the debtor challenges the validity of the claim.

    International Debt Recovery

    Navigating cross-border debt issues, coordinating with our network of international experts to handle jurisdictional complexities.

    Our Debt Recovery Team

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does the debt recovery process work?

    The process usually begins with sending a formal ‘Letter Before Action’ to the debtor, followed by court proceedings if necessary, and subsequently taking steps to enforce a judgment if the debt remains unpaid.

    What is a Letter Before Action?

    A letter before action (LBA) is a formal letter sent to the debtor outlining the details of the debt and providing a final opportunity for payment before legal action is initiated.

    How long does it take to recover a debt?

    The timescale for debt recovery can vary significantly depending on the debtor’s response and the legal processes involved.

    What are the costs associated with debt recovery?

    Costs can include legal fees, court fees, and enforcement costs, which vary depending on the complexity and stage of the process.

    Can I recover the legal costs of debt recovery from the debtor?

    In many cases, it is possible to claim legal costs from the debtor, but the amount recoverable may be subject to restrictions.

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