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Travel Dispute Resolution Lawyers

Navigating Complexities, Ensuring Satisfaction: Your Guide to Resolving Travel Disputes

The excitement of planning a trip can quickly fade when disputes arise, turning your holiday dreams into logistical nightmares. Whether it’s a cancelled flight, substandard accommodation, or a package holiday that didn’t meet expectations, travel disputes can be complex and draining. At 360 Law Services, we offer professional assistance to help you navigate these challenging situations. With years of experience in resolving travel-related disputes, we understand the intricacies of travel law, consumer rights, and the obligations of travel providers under both UK and EU regulations. 


Our dedicated team aims to simplify the often-complicated landscape of travel disputes, from guiding you on how to interact with airlines, tour operators, and travel insurance companies, to representing you in formal proceedings if needed. We endeavour to resolve issues as swiftly as possible, allowing you to focus on what truly matters—enjoying your travel experiences without undue stress or financial burden. 

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    Our Travel Disputes & Litigation Expertise

    Flight Delays and Cancellations

    Expert guidance on your rights under EU and UK law and assistance with claiming compensation.

    Accommodation Issues

    Legal support in resolving disputes related to poor accommodation services or facilities.

    Package Holiday Complaints

    Detailed advice on your rights as a package holiday customer and strategies for effective resolution.

    Travel Insurance Claims

    Assisting you in understanding your travel insurance policy and helping you make a successful claim.

    Foreign Jurisdictional Issues

    Guidance on legal matters when disputes arise in foreign countries, including advice on local laws and potential courses of action.

    Overbooking and Denied Boarding

    Understanding your rights and the procedures for claiming compensation. 

    Cruise Ship Disputes

    Handling issues such as onboard injuries, service quality, and contractual disagreements.

    Our Travel Dispute Resolution Team

    FAQs - Travel Dispute Resolution & Litigation

    What can I do if my flight is delayed or cancelled?

    Depending on the circumstances and the laws applicable, you may be entitled to compensation or alternative arrangements from the airline.

    How can I resolve a dispute over poor accommodation?

    You should first file a formal complaint with the accommodation provider, and if that doesn’t resolve the issue, legal options may be considered.

    Are package holiday providers responsible for problems with accommodation or flights?

    In most instances, package holiday providers are responsible for the services they offer and should resolve issues or provide compensation where applicable.

    What should I consider when making a travel insurance claim?

    Always read your insurance policy carefully to understand what is covered and the required procedures for making a claim.

    How long does it take to resolve a travel dispute?

    The time frame can vary greatly depending on the nature of the dispute and the responsiveness of the parties involved.

    How do foreign laws impact my travel dispute?

    Legal remedies can differ based on the jurisdiction in which the dispute arises. Local laws and international agreements may be applicable.

    What steps should I take if I get injured while on a cruise ship?

    Immediate medical attention is the first step, followed by gathering evidence and filing an official complaint with the cruise operator.

    Can I claim compensation for denied boarding or overbooking?

    Yes, airlines have specific obligations under law to compensate passengers in cases of overbooking or denied boarding.

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