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Estate Planning Legal Services

Strategic Estate Planning Lawyers in England & Wales

Estate planning goes beyond drafting a will or creating a trust; it’s about ensuring a legacy, securing your family’s financial future, and making certain your assets are distributed as you intend. At 360 Law Services, we are dedicated to guiding you through the intricate process of planning your estate, encompassing a comprehensive range of tools and methods to achieve your specific objectives. 


We offer expert legal advice on how to best structure your estate, by way of trusts, your Will, gifts, etc to save inheritance and other taxes and ensure your estate passes to your intended beneficiaries.  As lawyers we are not able to provide specific financial advice or advise on the suitability or otherwise of particular financial products.  You should always consider taking independent financial advice before investing in any new financial product or changing your assets, to ensure that your  actions are in line with your broader financial goals.  


Please see our Wills page for more detail on the distribution of your assets posthumously, and our Trusts page for insights on asset protection during your lifetime.  

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    Our Estate Planning Expertise

    Estate Structuring

    Advising on the most efficient ways to pass on your assets to ensure they are passed on in line with your wishes.

    Gifts and Gifting

    Guidance on making gifts during your lifetime, including making the best use of the various tax exemptions and understanding the potential tax implications to avoid unintended consequences. 

    Trust Creation & Management

    Providing advice on the various types of trust available to you and drafting and running such trusts to protect your assets and beneficiaries, control distributions, and offer potential tax advantages.

    Tax Planning

    Offering tailored advice on inheritance tax, capital gains tax, and other potential tax liabilities associated with your estate, while always recommending clients to get financial advice from regulated financial advisers in respect of particular financial products.

    Asset Protection

    Strategies to safeguard your assets from potential future creditors or liabilities, ensuring they remain within your intended beneficiary circle.

    International Estate Planning

    Assisting those with assets abroad or international family members to navigate the complexities of cross-border estate planning. 

    Our Estate Planning Team

    FAQs - Estate Planning Legal Services

    What exactly is estate planning?

    Estate planning encompasses the various methods and tools used to manage an individual’s assets while they’re alive and distribute them after death, minimizing potential taxes and ensuring wishes are met. 

    How does estate planning differ from writing a will?

    While a will is a central component of estate planning, detailing how assets are to be distributed upon death, estate planning goes further by considering tax implications, potential gifting, trusts, and more. See our Wills page for more detail. 

    Can I gift assets while I'm still alive?

    Yes, lifetime gifting is often an important component of estate planning. It’s essential to understand potential tax implications and the rules around gifting to ensure it aligns with your broader estate plan. 

    How are trusts used in estate planning?

    Trusts can be instrumental in controlling how and when assets are distributed, potentially reducing inheritance tax liabilities, and protecting assets. For a more detailed look, visit our Trusts page. 

    Is there a limit to how much I can gift without tax implications?

    In England & Wales, there are certain exemptions and thresholds for various types of gifting, beyond which inheritance tax may be due. Always consult with a specialist before making significant gifts. 

    What should I consider when planning my estate?

    Beyond asset distribution, consider potential tax liabilities, the current and future needs of beneficiaries, future asset protection, and any charitable contributions or legacies you’d like to leave. 

    How often should I review my estate plan?

    Regular reviews are recommended, especially after significant life changes such as marriages, births, asset acquisitions, or changes in tax laws, rates or exemptions. 

    Does estate planning include financial advice?

    While we offer legal advice on structuring your estate, we always recommend seeking independent financial advice to ensure that you fully understand any financial products that you may consider as part of the broader estate planning process. 

    Are international assets covered in estate planning?

    Yes, but international estate planning can be more complex due to differing laws and tax implications. It’s crucial to work with experts familiar with cross-border considerations. 

    How do trusts and wills work together in estate planning?

    Trusts can be included within a will or set up during your lifetime. While a will outlines asset distribution after death, a trust can manage assets during one’s lifetime and beyond, offering more control over asset distribution and potential tax benefits. For an in-depth look, reference both our Wills and Trusts pages. 

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