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V-Sign Remote Witnessing

To accommodate for restrictions around social contact during the Covid19 outbreak, the UK Government has introduced legislation to enable solicitors to witness the signing of a range of statutory documents including wills via a video link where face to face meetings are not possible.


The new law was ushered in by way of Statutory Instrument made pursuant to s.8 of the Electronic Communications Act 2000, taking effect from 28th September 2020.


In response to the Coronavirus outbreak, we developed a system to overcome the challenge of witnessing documents during lockdown.


The result is our V-Sign Service.

What does V-Sign Do?

V-Sign is a new virtual service that enables our Solicitors to hold video calls, validate identity documents and witness the signing of wills and other legal documents.

Although initially developed for the witnessing and signing of statutory declarations, our V-Sign system can facilitate remote witness signing for any document that are not subject to restrictions via our dedicated video platform such as simple contracts, guarantees (non-deeds), documents for court proceedings and process, share transfers and minutes/resolutions.

How does V-Sign work?

Since the new legislation recognises remote witnesses as ‘present’, our solicitors will be able to witness a wet signature made by the will-maker via our V-Sign platform.


All parties will be able to view the same live document during the session, and we follow a specific procedure that is distinctive from any other approach to ensure that all actions or discussion made in real-time minimise any potential legal risks.


Just as you would expect in a face-to-face appointment, clients will receive the same high-quality advice to reflect their unique circumstances and requirements.


To book a session, simply fill out the form and one of our Solicitors will contact you within one business day.

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