Civil Litigation

If you feel your civil duties have been breached – be it through physical harm or a violation of your constitutional rights, sound legal advice from a trusted lawyer will be invaluable in achieving the most favourable outcome.

Whether your case falls into the category of negligence, strict liability or intentional wrong, understanding your options as early as possible will enable you to make a well-informed decision on the best way to proceed.

How can we help?

Tort injuries are not restricted to physical harm – they can and often do include economic, emotional or reputational damage and extend into violation of civil rights such as privacy or property. In effect, tort law allows individuals to claim against any losses they suffer as a result of another’s action, whether it’s trespass, assault, tort of nuisance or economic loss. At 360 Law Services, the collective experience our team has amassed in this field of law enables us to deliver an unrivalled legal service to a diverse range of clients. They benefit from the personalised approach, dedication and sheer determination they get from our lawyers: from securing compensation for victims of personal injury or interference with their possessions to preventing the recurrence of such incidents in the future, our specialist lawyers are well-equipped to provide you with practical legal advice on civil wrongs and devise a strategy to recover damages with minimal fuss.

Should the defendant deny liability or wrongdoing, we will seek to secure compensation by means of alternative dispute resolution. If civil litigation becomes necessary, rest assured that you will receive the support and robust representation from a legal expert you can trust to protect your interests.

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