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Document Storage Fees - Payment

Important - Law Society Rules and Regulations

We must inform you, as required by Law Society Rules and Regulations, that the validity of a subsequent Will or Wills may be challenged, and in such cases, a prior Will may be considered the last Will of the deceased. This emphasises the importance of carefully considering the implications of destroying or losing a Will, especially if you have made subsequent changes to it.


Secure Storage


Our storage facilities in Guildford, Surrey, are ISO-Certified, equipped with secure access, and designed to withstand fire and flood, guaranteeing the utmost protection for your critical documents.

  • Please choose this option if you are a couple, and we have documents on file for both of you.
  • Please choose this option if you are an individual, and we have documents exclusively under your name.
  • By choosing this option, we will securely store your documents for both you and your partner's lifetime.
  • Covering the costs associated with file retrieval from our secure storage prior to the client’s collection.   If you choose to keep your documents at your residence, despite our strong recommendation for secure storage, please select this option and pay a collection fee of £35.00 (excluding VAT). This fee covers the expenses associated with retrieving your files from our secure storage facility. Once we receive your documents at our office, we will promptly contact you to arrange for their pickup.   Please kindly remember to have valid photo identification, such as a passport or driver’s license, available to verify your identity and expedite the release of your documents. Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.
  • Next business day delivery service available when the request is made to us before 16:00 on the preceding business day.
  • If you wish to have the documents, we currently hold for you disposed of, please indicate your preference by clicking the add to cart button. Following your selection, we will promptly get in touch with you by email or phone to proceed with the necessary steps.   Upon receiving your instructions, we will take measures to confirm your identity and then provide you with a detailed explanation of the document destruction process. It’s important to note that if you instruct us to destroy documents that are considered outdated, we will still maintain a certified electronic record for reference. This record will include your authorisation for the destruction of the relevant documents, ensuring transparency and compliance with necessary protocols.
  • Collection of Documents and Delivery by 1st Class Royal Mail Signed For Cost.

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