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Employment Law

Workplace disputes are not uncommon, but if not dealt with effectively, they can easily evolve into serious matters that encroach on your wellbeing. Whether it’s an issue regarding the terms of your contract, the negotiation of a settlement agreement or a problem with your manager, knowing your rights at the earliest possible stage will ensure you aren’t led down the wrong path and have sufficient time to make an employment claim if necessary.

Faced with a difficult situation at work, your best bet is to team up with someone who knows their stuff – a legal expert you can trust to safeguard your rights and achieve your preferred outcome. If you feel the terms in your employment contract are not being adhered to, seeking sound legal advice from an employment lawyer can help you to gauge your options and determine the best course of action depending on your circumstances.

How can we help?

At 360 Law Services, we believe everyone deserves to work in a healthy environment in which they are treated fairly. Our specialist team of employment lawyers are well-versed in this often-complex area of law; they act for clients across a wide range of industries to achieve swift resolution to their workplace disputes, be it regarding redundancy, resignation, bullying or discriminatory behaviour at work.

Beyond our technical ability, our lawyers are well renowned for delivering a client-centric service that is efficient, practical and straight to the point. When you instruct a member of our team, we will always take the time to gain a full overview of your situation in order to determine the best approach in protecting your interest. Time limits are often short in claims of this nature, and in the ever-changing sphere of employment law, you need an expert you can trust to help you make informed decisions and secure an outcome that suits your needs.

Problems at work? We’ve heard it all. While each case is unique by nature, no employment law issue is too much of a challenge for our dedicated team. From employment relationships to litigation claims, our well-experienced employment law litigators and solicitors will provide the guidance you need to achieve the most suitable outcome.

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