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From travel premiums to home insurance and health coverage, we all spend money to protect our finances should things take a turn for the worst. Once covered, you are able to make a claim in the event of a misfortune – a delay in your flight, a break-in at your property or a sudden illness or injury.

There are, however, certain instances in which an insurance company will deny liability and refuse to pay out due to the particular circumstances in a case. If this happens, gaining an understanding your rights and legal position will be critical in determining the best approach in recovering your losses. This is where robust legal advice from a specialist lawyer can prove advantageous in analysing the small print and taking relevant action to protect your interests.

How can we help?

360 Law Services expert team of insurance lawyers provide specialist advice to policyholders, brokers and insurers to reduce risk and resolve disputes. Considering the highly complex nature of this area, technical expertise and sector-specific knowledge will be critical in ensuring you achieve a quick and favourable outcome.

Having accumulated vast experience in a wide variety of contentious and non-contentious insurance matters, our team is well-equipped to provide bespoke legal guidance on your particular policy and devise a strategy to secure the best possible outcome in your situation. After gaining an in-depth understanding of your insurance policy, we will draw from our prolific experience to deliver straightforward, honest advice about your options and your chance of success in bringing forward a claim.

We understand how complicated and time-consuming these matters can be and see little point in bombarding you with legal jargon: instead, we’ll talk to you in plain English and ensure you gain a clear understanding of the options available to make an informed decision about your case. Our lawyers pride themselves on the efficient and highly responsive service that they deliver to a broad range of clients: throughout the process, you can count on us to keep you informed and up to date with any changes.

Whatever the nature of your claim, you can rely on the team at 360 Law Services to fight your corner and protect your interests. Get in touch today for a free initial consultation or fill in an enquiry form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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