Residential Property Disputes

Residential property law disputes are sensitive by nature. If they aren’t dealt with quickly by an expert in this field, what begins as a difference in opinion can escalate into a bitterly fought conflict that costs all parties in time and money. When such a disagreement regarding your property arises, seeking legal advice at the earliest possible stage is key to preventing matters from evolving into a costly court battle.

That’s where we come in.

At 360 Law Services, we pride ourselves on our ability to bring property disputes to a quick and timely conclusion. We know how frustrating it is to be caught up in a conflict about your home; these are serious issues that can quickly consume you and seize every moment of your free time.

How can we help?

We offer robust legal support on a wide range of issues including boundary disputes, trespassing, service charge disputes and lease extensions, but are also prepared to help with smaller disputes such as rights of way or parking issues, as well as more complex issues such as leasehold enfranchisement, restrictive covenants and joint ownership disputes.

No matter the nature of your dispute, our aim will always be to achieve resolution before the issue becomes costly and complex. Strategic advice will be available to you throughout negotiations courtesy of our specialist lawyers who will always keep your interests at heart when working to find the right way towards resolution.
If it cannot be settled outside of court, you can count on us to undertake court proceedings on your behalf to ensure you stand the best chance at as favourable outcome without prolonging proceedings.

When you instruct 360 Law Services, you will benefit from a pragmatic approach; one that begins by listening to all your concerns and gaining a clear picture of the case in hand. From here, we will present your options and work with you to achieve resolution and protect your interests. All of our lawyers are required to have a minimum of five years’ experience and we operate through a highly innovative secure technology infrastructure. This means our clients further benefit from a cost-effective and responsive service without sacrificing quality.

To secure the right outcome in an acceptable time-frame, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our residential property dispute lawyers at your convenience.

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