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Camberley, UK – 17 July 2023: Commercial real estate owners in the UK face a ticking time bomb. Rocketing interest rates, lower asset valuations and often a reduced tenant base, have meant the need for capital is higher – but not easily accessible until now. 360 Law Group and IPSX, the world’s first regulated, real estate stock exchange dedicated to IPOs and trading of commercial real estate, can help commercial real estate owners counter these challenges.

The legal fees attached to the IPO process can be high. 360 Law Group has developed a package of lower IPO legal costs, specifically to assist commercial real estate owners looking towards an IPO. Now 360 Law Group, in collaboration with IPSX, can enable more commercial real estate owners to access public markets more affordably.

360 Law Group is listed in The Times Newspaper’s prestigious list of the top 200 law firms in the UK. It was the first UK provider of subscription legal services on a global basis, and the first law firm in England & Wales to offer its services on both a regulated and unregulated basis. The company is constantly seeking to challenge the status quo to ensure the most efficient, cost-effective, and high-quality client service possible.

IPSX is the world’s first regulated stock exchange dedicated to IPOs and trading of commercial real estate. It is an FCA approved Recognised Investment Exchange (RIE), and a regulated market subject to the highest levels of investor protections and regulatory oversight. IPSX provides owners of operational real estate the opportunity to create liquidity by releasing capital from their real estate assets.

Robert Taylor, CEO and General Counsel, 360 Law Group said, “The commercial real estate industry faces challenges from all sides, not least in terms of finding leverage and releasing capital from real estate. I am delighted to be working with IPSX, and to be able to deliver a more realistic price to companies looking to IPO their property portfolios. Our secure cloud-based IT infrastructure coupled with lawyers who specialise in corporate transactional and regulatory work, means we can deliver an efficient, cost-effective and high-quality client service at a fraction of the cost of traditional firms.”

Anthony Gahan, Founder, IPSX commented, “The commercial real estate world is facing huge challenges from post COVID changes in working/life patterns, the strain from the economic context, and the need to access capital for investment. Any new sources of capital which IPSX can provide will be welcomed by the sector, as will reducing the perceived complexities of a public market IPO and making the process as cost effective as possible. It will enable more companies to draw on the opportunity of an alternative form of real asset ownership, providing capital markets optionality to all real asset owners by offering access to a much wider pool of investors.”

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360 Law Group is listed in The Times Newspaper’s prestigious list of the top 200 law firms in the UK.

Since 2014, we have been operating via a virtual network through secure cloud-based IT infrastructure to provide businesses and consumers with something that had not previously been available from a single group of companies – the ability to offer clients a choice in how they engage with qualified lawyers; on a regulated basis or on a lower cost, unregulated basis.

In most countries across Europe 360 Business Law, the global unregulated law firm, utilising only qualified Solicitors, Barristers, and overseas Attorneys, operates on a flat rate, for commercial, contract, corporate and employment law of £172.52 per hour (excl. VAT where relevant).


IPSX is the world’s first regulated stock exchange dedicated to IPOs and trading of commercial real estate. IPSX offers commercial real estate owners a powerful new capital markets option to release value from their assets to the widest possible pool of global investors, including retail investors. IPSX is open to institutional grade commercial real estate owners, including owner-occupiers, and provides the flexibility to sell all of an asset, or part, and retain some, with future optionality to further sell down or reacquire shares

IPSX democratises commercial real estate investment by facilitating the connection between real estate owners and anyone investing in commercial real estate. IPSX enables investors of all types to invest in income-producing real estate assets, with secondary market liquidity, through buying shares, traded on a regulated stock exchange.

For further information, please contact:

Fiona Cousins, PR to 360 Law Group

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Louise Porter

Head of Marketing and Communications, IPSX

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