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The latest Ministry of Justice data reveals a 65% increase in year-long probate cases. These delays cause significant emotional distress and financial losses for families during already challenging times.

The House of Commons Justice Select Committee launched an inquiry into these issues. Unfortunately, the committee disbanded, and consequently, the inquiry was suspended when the General Election was called. Although halted, the problems with the probate service persist.

We are proud to have Accredited Lifetime Lawyers on our team who have undertaken additional training and qualifications to specialise in this area of the law. Together with The Association of Lifetime Lawyers, we continue to highlight the issues with the probate service and demand better for our clients, both now and beyond the election.

In place of a full report, committee chair Sir Robert Neill KC MP wrote to Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Ministry of Justice, Mike Freer MP, highlighting the inquiry’s findings. We have summarised the recommendations for reform below.

Recommendations for Reform

The inquiry outlined several recommendations for a more effective probate system. These include:

  • A public report detailing the reasons for failures to prevent future issues.
  • Collaboration with relevant groups to tackle problems like empty homes and care home debt linked to probate delays.
  • Increased transparency by sharing more data on caseloads and processing times.
  • Regulating the will writing sector to protect consumers, as many will writers aren’t currently regulated. It’s always safest to seek advice from a qualified lawyer.

In Summary

The inquiry highlights the importance of a well-functioning probate system. It urges swift action to regain public trust and implement reforms that improve the probate process for all involved.

At 360 Law Services, our team of Accredited Lifetime Lawyers specialises in probate law, providing expert guidance to navigate the complexities of the probate process. We understand the emotional and financial stress caused by delays and inefficiencies. Our commitment is to advocate for our clients, ensuring transparency and swift resolutions.
Trust 360 Law Services to handle your probate matters with professionalism and care, safeguarding your interests every step of the way.

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